© 2019 GAME3D ProAI is a helpfully tool, if you need to get fast different AI typs to your game or project. You just place a AI character to the level and setup all the parameters into the AI. Or you use this placed AI together with the powerful spawn manager from the pack. The spawn manager manage spawning and removing of the AI’s, you prepared for the manager. It only needs to setup the manager ID, and how many clones the manager should make from this AI. The manager then make all the work, and also dedect for players, entering or left the manager zone. You can setup different AI typs for only one manager, so you get not only one AI typ spawned ! Now, thats not everything the manager can do! You can setup the manager to be a member of a group. So you can put together X manager to be one group of managers, where one manager is selected as master and controll the player dedection for the whole group. You can setup the master manager to loop trougth the whole group, or only do it once, or loop and randomly choose one manager. If a grouped manager is done (all spawned AI got killed) then the next manager spawn the AI of the new group. This allow you do build wave spawns or even some thing like dungeon spawns of you AI. DOWNLOAD the ProAI documentation: ProAI documentation ProAI - AI system for Unreal Engine UE4 Video Game Developing 3D Environment modelling Level Designing Video Game Prototyping Unreal Engine 4 Tools  ProAI - Features -  Guard at home location -  Guard around home location -  Guard and follow a path -  Been a pet AI -  Flee away function -  Long- and shortranged weapons -  Melee support -  Dynamic path system -  AI perception and agro range -  Speed changing -  Easy to change the player -  Spawnmarker system -  2 demo maps -  Well commented -  100% multiplay written BP’s ProAI VIDEO How can i change the player class?