© 2019 GAME3D is a single player adventure, where you be a wizard. You need to fight with creature’s and other wizard’s. You can use spells as your power. There are also some puzzles to solve.The game is splitted up to levels. Every level need to be finished in one session, or you need to start the current level from scratch. Once a level is done, you be able to enter the next level/world. There are some strong enemies, so you need to command a friendly army, some times. Wizard World Free download of a early test version of the game Wizard World. Only PC with medium grafic card! It needs about 9gb space on your drive. Download here : WW Video Game Developing 3D Environment modelling Level Designing Video Game Prototyping Unreal Engine 4 Tools  Wizard World is curently on a early developing stage. From time to time the test version get an update, with new content to test. The test version always only content one world for testing. You can help on this game, by sending your comments to the Game3d support mail. Also your ideas for improvements are very welcome! The idea of Wizard World is to develope a funny adventure, with a lot of different worlds to explore, and find the gate to the next world. Maybe try out the curently test version, so you can find out about Wizard World, by playing a level in full lenghth. Let me know, about your experiance with Wizard World. Thanks for reading.