© 2019 GAME3D ProAI is a very new content pack for AI. This pack is written with unreal blueprints. You place a AI character to the world and setup value’s to get the AI you like to have. This is meaning, that you can setup the behavior of the AI like guarding at place, guarding around home location, guarding and follow a path, been a pet, and more. The AI content 3 different dedection systems for enemie’s. The basic dedection is the agro range, you can setup. Then we are using the perception system for hearing and sight dedection. The AI is basicaly using 2 basic weapon systems. Those are used for longranged weapons and also for shortranged weapons. So The AI basicaly different between the 2 systems, depending the distance to the enemy. Proai comming with a rifle gun for longrange attack, and a melee weapon system for short range attack. Of course, you could also use the short range for guns. Now, ProAI don’t only content AI, it coming with a powerfull spawn manager system. This system is pick up a AI, you have setup for the manager, and making X clones of it for spawning. The manager controll player enter and left the manager. So the AI get spawned, if a player enter. If last player left the zone, all AI get removed. Now, we can make groups with different spawn managers, and choose one of it as master controller of the group. This make it possible to make wave events, or dungeons with the spawn manager. Watch this movie, to see what we can to with our spawn manager. Spawnmanager demo. Availlable at  UNREAL MARKETPLACE ProAI (Project AI) Video Game Developing 3D Environment modelling Level Designing Video Game Prototyping Unreal Engine 4 Tools