Officia cupidatat minim tempor. Occaecat ut laboris sit ad ullamco dolor ipsum nostrud irure reprehenderit voluptate. OFK history Old Fred Kingdom (OFK) is a RPG online game, themed to a middle age fantasy environment. You can hunt, craft and find resources. Over time you skill up and you be able to hunt bigger or craft better stuff. The ingame currency is gold and can be used to buy things or pay captains. Old Fred Kingdom is a PC game only! Also you need to use a good grafic card like a Rx 580 or better to have enough performance. Download the installer from our Discord channel link. Old Frederik is a pirate who has roamed the seas for a long time. But one day he found Thinderland, the big island. He liked it there so much that he decided to settle down with his pirate friends forever. It wasn't long before they built a castle on a hill, and also a village. They called it Frederick Ville. Almost simultaneously, a great magician was banished to Thinderland. He was accepted as their new leader by a village full of bandits. In the meantime, the village has grown into a small town. At some point they became enemies with the people of Frederick ville. War broke out and Old Frederick was murdered. It is said that there are places where Old Frederick haunts. After the death of Old Frederick, 2 enemy clans formed. Those from Frederick ville call themselves Old Fred and the others are the Dark Lords. In order to be able to trade better, newcomers should soon choose one of the two clans. There will be an eternal conflict between the two clans! All newcomers are initially neutral and not in any clan. They will all be sent to Genesis island to learn how to survive in Old Fred Kingdom! You can also get a horse on Genesis if you follow the rules and are docile. Kindly there is some gold to restart. You then learn how to be a good fighter.